Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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least we forget

I have decided not to recall December 2004, for two reasons. First it wasn't that long ago and I am sure most of my readers don't suffer from short term memory loss. Second, I was prompted by an article on Jonathan Lockhart's Notebook entitled 51 Guests

“Shock, horror! The list of Tony Blair's dinner guests at Chequers has now been revealed. Between June 2001 and April 2003, the prime minister entertained 51 such heavyweights of the political world as Geri Halliwell, Ken Hom and Des O'Connor. I have no objection to the people on the prime minister's list, but how about the idea of suggesting 51 people that should be invited, and why?”

Jonathan, here is my list. Slightly more than 51, least we forget

Private Pita Tukutukuwaqa of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch
Sergeant Stuart Robert Tennant Gray of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch
Private Paul Aitken Lowe of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch
Private Scott William McArdle of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch
Private Kevin Thomas McHale of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch
Corporal Marc Taylor 27, Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Gunner David Lawrence 25, 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery,
Fusilier Stephen Jones 22, 1st Battalion, The Royal Welch Fusiliers
Lance Corporal Paul David Trevor Thomas 29 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry
Private Marc Ferns 21, 1st Battalion The Black Watch
Private Lee Martin O'Callaghan 20, 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment Private Christopher Rayment 22, 1st The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment
Flight Lieutenant Kristian Michel Alexander Gover 30, RAF Basrah Airport
Fusilier Gordon Campbell Gentle 19, 1st Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers
Corporal Richard Thomas David Ivell 29, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Sapper Robert Thomson 22, 35 Engineer Regiment
Rifleman Vincent Calvin Windsor 23, 2nd Battalion The Royal Green Jackets
Lance Corporal Andrew James Craw, 21,1st Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Major James Stenner, 30, Welsh Guards
Sergeant Norman Patterson, 28, Cheshire Regiment
Pvt. Ryan Lloyd Thomas 18, 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Wales
Cpl. Ian Plank 31, Royal Marines,
Sgt. John Nightingale 32,Royal Logistic Corps, Territorial Army
Fusilier Russell Beeston 26, 52nd Lowland Regiment (Volunteers),
Warrant Officer Colin Wall 34, Royal Military Police
Maj. Matthew Titchener 32, Royal Military Police
Cpl.Dewi Pritchard 35, Royal Military Police, Territorial Army
Capt. David Jones 29, 1st Battalion, The Queen's Lancashire Regiment
Pvt. Jason Smith 32, 52nd Lowland Regiment, Territorial Army
Capt. James Linton 43, 40 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
Cpl. Simon Miller 21, 156 Provost Company, Royal Military Police
Lance Cpl. Benjamin John Hyde 23, 156 Provost Company, Royal Military Police
Chief Warrant Cpl. Russell Aston 30, 156 Provost Company, Royal Military Police
Sgt. Simon Alexander Hamilton-Jewell 41, 156 Provost Company, Royal Military Police
Cpl. Paul Graham Long 24, 156 Provost Company, Royal Military Police
Lance Cpl. Thomas Richard Keys 20, 156 Provost Company, Royal Military Police
Leonard Harvey, 55, civilian firefighter with the Defense Fire Service
Corporal David Shepherd - An RAF Policeman died in Kuwait.
Gunner Duncan Geoffrey Pritchard, 22, Royal Air Force Regiment,
Private Andrew Kelly, 18, from Tavistock, of 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment.
Lance Corporal James McCue, 27, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Lieutenant Alexander Tweedie, The Blues & Royals, Household Cavalry Regiment.
Fusilier Kelan John Turrington, 18, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers,
Lance Corporal Ian Keith Malone, 28, 1st Battalion, Irish Guards.
Piper Christopher Mazvuru, 21, 1st Battalion, Irish Guards
Lance Corporal Karl Shearer, Household Cavalry Regiment
Marine Christopher R. Maddison, 539 Assault Squadron, Royal Marines. T
Lance Corporal Shaun Andrew Brierley, 212 Signal Squadron 1 (UK) Armoured Division.
Major Steve Ballard, 3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines
Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull, 25, The Blues and Royals,
Lance Corporal of Horse Steven Gerrard, 33 The Blues and Royals,
Corporal Stephen John Allbutt, 35, Queens Royal Lancers.
Trooper David Jeffrey Clarke, 19, Queens Royal Lancers.
Lance Corporal. Barry Stephen, 31, 1st Battalion The Black Watch
Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth 36, 33 (EOD) Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers
Sapper Luke Allsopp 24, 33 (EOD) Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers
Sergeant Steve "Buddy" Roberts 2nd Royal Tank Regiment
Flight Lieutenant Kevin Barry Main. RAF Marham - IX (B) Squadron.
Flight Lieutenant David Rhys Williams, . RAF Marham - IX (B) Squadron.
Lieutenant Tony King, 35,
Lieutenant Philip West, 32,
Lieutenant James Williams, 28,
Lieutenant Philip D Green, 31.
Lieutenant Marc A Lawrence, 26.
Lieutenant Andrew S Wilson, 36.
Royal Marine Captain Philip Guy, 29
Mechanic Second Class Ian Seymour, 29 - 148 Commando Battery, Royal Artillery
Lance Corporal Llywelyn Evans, 24, - 29 Commando Reg, Royal Artillery,
Sergeant Les Hehir, 34 Royal Artillery
Color Sgt. John Cecil, Royal Marine
Sholto Hedenskog, 34 - Pretoria, South Africa Royal Marine
Warrant Officer II Mark Stratford Royal Marine
Major Jason Ward, 34 Royal Marine


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