Thursday, December 30, 2004

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Remember July 2004

At-a-glance: Butler report Lord Butler's inquiry has published its verdict on the intelligence used to justify the war against Iraq. Here are the main points War dossier left out warnings on flawed intelligence, says Butler It found that much of the intelligence was seriously flawed and Iraq did not have any stocks of chemical or biological weapons ready for deployment before the war started in March 2003.

Regional assembly vote dates set "historic opportunity" Voters in Yorkshire-and-Humber, the North East and North West will be asked to vote on assemblies and to choose new structures of local government.

Reform vital for EU vote – Byers Mr Byers in using a speech in the Ukraine to argue that millions of jobs rest on a "yes" vote. In a warning to ministers, he will say: "The lesson of the last few years is clear. You cannot win an argument over Europe unless you go out and make it." So when are they going to make it

UK student debt rises to £14bn Official lending to students in the 2003-04 academic year was 4% higher than the year before, at £2.7bn

Tories highlight sheep counters 300 people were once employed to count sheep is an example of red tape in the UK farm aid system, says a Tory-backed review of government waste.

Blair urges new era in crime fight 5,000 most prolific criminals in England and Wales are to be constantly satellite-tracked.

Watchdog attacks NHS inequalities

Uproar in Labour ranks over Mandelson comeback Peter Mandelson promised last night not to let Tony Blair down for a third time after staging a remarkable comeback by being nominated as Britain's European commissioner.

In pictures: ships facing the axe

Cuts reduce RAF to The Few


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