Friday, December 24, 2004

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A Year in a Week

Ok, my holiday starts today, 'waes hael' and a Merry Christmas to one and all. As we know the popular media will be publishing their summery of the years events sometime over the coming week. I am starting today, my review will feature news events based on a "month in a day", over the 12 days of Christmas (hangovers permitting) Here we go:

On the first day of Christmas my true love reminded me, January 2004

The European arrest warrant came into force, allowing British citizens to be extradited under a fast-track process even if their actions do not constitute an offence in Britain

Devolved government costs £650m a year

Dome 'costs taxpayers over £30m Taxpayers have had to pay out more than £30m to maintain the Millennium Dome since it closed at the end of 2000

BBC listeners want right to kill burglars, 'The people have spoken - the bastards.' said Steven Pound

More motorists are sent to prison than burglars. More drivers are sent to prison each year than burglars, according to official figures. In 2002, the most recent year for which annual statistics are available, 10,178 people were jailed for burglary compared with 15,039 for motoring offences.

How they tried to cover up my story about Sgt Roberts Sean Rayment broke the news of the circumstances surrounding Sgt Steve Roberts's death in the Iraq war. Here, he reveals how Geoff Hoon and the MoD tried to pretend it wasn't a story

Kinnock faces censure over EU 'slush fund'

Minister admits strike death secret Kim Howells, who is now a transport minister, admitted destroying files to prevent the National Union of Mineworkers being implicated in the killing of a taxi driver during the 1984-85 strike

Hutton Report Summary of conclusions

Hutton a whitewash, say 56pc A majority of voters thinks the Hutton report on events leading to the death of Dr David Kelly is a "whitewash", a YouGov poll for The Telegraph says

Cloud of confusion over cannabis law The re-classification of cannabis - from a Class B to Class C category

Gilligan quits BBC over Hutton row


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