Saturday, December 25, 2004

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buffet breakfast

Ok, I have started the day with a buffet breakfast of alka salsa slice of toast and coffee. The turkey has ceased to gobble and will soon be spiting at the potatoes in the oven.

On this second day of my Christmas, my truelove reminded me: February 2004

Bankruptcy rates at 10-year high Bankruptcy rates at 10-year high Individual bankruptcies are at their highest level since late 1993, official figures have shown.

Euro-MPs voice their anger over collapse of cash control The European Parliament's annual report on the EU's £70 billion budget expressed "extreme alarm" over failures in the commission's accounting system, finding that the books did not add up and large sums of money could not be traced.

Howard outlines his vision of EU
Charles Grant, from the Centre for European Reform, said the speech marked Mr Howard's desire for a more positive relationship with Europe from that favoured by his predecessor, Iain Duncan Smith.

Metric Martyrs Have European Challenge Dismissed The five who became known as Metric Martyrs have heard their bid to have the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg review the issue of selling in imperial measures has been rejected, 18 months after they applied

MoD hit with more kit complaints Eighty Royal Marines have been flown home from training in Norway with frostbite, amid claims they had inadequate sleeping bags.

Party votes out Reading MP
Mrs Griffiths has become the first member of parliament to be deselected by her constituency in 10 years.

Army charges for welfare parcels Free postage of parcels to UK troops serving in Iraq will end the Army has announced.

Blair plans to ditch Sir Humphrey
Who is to blame for Labour's complete failure to delivery on any of their promises? The Civil Service of course!

Right, it's time for some Christmas 'glogg'


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