Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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Half way

Remember June 2004

European Election: United Kingdom Result In the UK the European elections are typically guaranteed a low turnout. Here it was the lowest in Europe at 24%

Leaders meet MPs over EU results The Labour and Tory leaders have been holding talks with their backbenchers after their worst results for decades in the European elections.

Britain signs up to new union of Europe Mr Chirac said he was very happy with the result. It would create "a federation of states but also of peoples". It would lead to "very extensive" advances in majority voting, especially in justice and home affairs and opened the way for a European prosecutor.

'Blair delusional over WMDs' David Kay, who led the ISG after the invasion, said the weapons simply did not exist so Mr Blair and other leaders should say sorry for being wrong.

Cancer patients 'waiting longer' Cancer patients are waiting longer for potentially life-saving treatment compared to six years ago

Army doctors 'lacked equipment'
Army doctors sent to the Gulf ahead of last year's war with Iraq lacked basic equipment

Thousands march for pension rises Thousands of workers and pensioners marched through London on Saturday to highlight the UK's pensions crisis.

MoD dismisses 'huge budget cuts' The Ministry of Defence has dismissed as "speculative" a media report that it is to face the biggest cuts in 20 years in an upcoming spending review. And as for that speculation Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has announced large cuts in the armed forces as part of modernisation plans


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