Monday, December 27, 2004

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April 2004

Norris McWhirter Freedom Fighter Dies

Hughes the Muse" resigns over visa scam row Ms Hughes said she had not set out to "intentionally mislead anyone", but she could not "in conscience continue to serve as immigration minister". Blunkett describes his worst day
however his worst day was still to come

Immigration debacle reveals Labour's contempt for the people by Steve Moxon who was an administrative officer in Managed Migration at the Home Office. He was suspended, pending the outcome of an investigation as to whether disclosures he made to the Sunday Times are within the terms of the Public Interest Disclosure Act

Ambassadors' letter to Blair
We the undersigned former British ambassadors, high commissioners, governors and senior international officials, including some who have long experience of the Middle East and others whose experience is elsewhere, have watched with deepening concern the policies which you have followed on the Arab-Israel problem and Iraq, in close co-operation with the United States.

EU 'covered up' attacks on Jews by young Muslims
Jewish leaders accused the European Union yesterday of covering up the true scale of anti-Semitic violence carried out by Muslim youths, reigniting a controversy over Europe's failure to confront Islamic extremism at home

Labour MP's anti-constitution move
Nearly 60 Labour MPs already back the Vote 2004 campaign for a referendum - although that does not necessarily mean they oppose the constitution.

Let the issue be put. Let the battle be joined Hope you haven’t been holding your breath. Here is Tony Blair's statement to MPs announcing a referendum will be held on the planned EU constitution.

Violent crime figures rise by 11% More serious violent crimes such as homicide and serious wounding rose by 13%, compared to the same quarter in 2002, while "less serious" violent crime such as assaults was up 21% to 106,000 incidents.

Falconer is rebuked over whistleblower Lord Falconer, the Constitution Secretary, was rebuked yesterday by a Commons committee over the disciplining of a "whistleblower" who gave evidence to MPs about the failings of an official child protection agency.

Navy to 'lose two carriers' in cutbacks

RAF bases axed in defence review


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