Friday, December 31, 2004

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'Silly Season' Aug 2004

On this 8th Day of my Christmas, after having spent the 7th day formating and reloading softwear on to my virus attacked PC. My true love reminded me August 2004

Blair impeachment campaign starts A campaign to use age-old powers to impeach Tony Blair for misleading the public over the Iraq war is being launched by a group of MPs

Dyke accuses Blair over Iraq war The BBC's former director general Greg Dyke has made a scathing attack on Downing Street over the Iraq war and its treatment of the BBC.

Army frightened for its future There is alarm at the highest levels in both the services and the Ministry of Defence over an extraordinary gamble that the Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, is taking with Britain's Armed Forces in the name of European integration.

MPs' scrutiny 'failing' on EU law MPs are "asleep on the job" when checking European laws to stop them interfering with British business, the Confederation of British Industry says

Police station closures attacked Three police stations have closed for every month Tony Blair has been prime minister, official figures show.

Britons 'ignorant of UK history' British youth are ignorant of their own history with fewer than half questioned knowing Sir Francis Drake defeated the Spanish Armada, according to a poll

Tories angry over new CPS boss A QC who co-founded Cherie Blair's legal chambers has been named new head of the Crown Prosecution Service amid allegations of "rampant cronyism".

RAF gets a new fighter with a gun it cannot fire Attempts by the Ministry of Defence to save money will leave all 232 of the RAF's new Eurofighter/Typhoon aircraft with a gun they cannot fire.


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