Friday, June 10, 2005

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Beware manufactured fury

The above post heading, was the title of the last entry from the Blog site Straight Banana (Monday, February 21, 2005) I am not sure whether Toby saw the writing on the wall and had given up the ghost (or maybe he is one) in which ever case R.I.P.

However, listening to what is quite obviously the 'manufactured fury' between Blair and Chirac over EU budgetary maters, one should be BEWARE indeed.

The big crisis facing the EU project, is the rejection by the PEOPLE (the voters, the citizens) of the EU Constitution, for without the 'grand plan' the proposed 2007-2013 budget increase to 1.26% of GDP is irrelevant.

The size of the proposed budget had been set to finance all of the new competencies that the 'SHYSTERS of the EU' thought they would acquire through 'communautaire' or as Valery Giscard d'Estaing has helpfully explained "It wasn't worth creating a negative commotion with the British. I rewrote my text with the word federal replaced by communautaire (i.e. "on a Community basis") which means exactly the same thing."

Well the THE FIVE STEPS that would make us all citizens of a Federal European Union, has been soundly rejected. The constitution is dead ,there is no need to finance.... The European diplomatic service, a European president, a European foreign minister, a European space policy, a European defence agency, or the implementation of the new European charter of fundamental rights by a European fundamental rights agency.

Cut the crap about the budget and lets cut our losses with the EU Project and withdraw from this sorry mess now.




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