Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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Contemptuous of the people

Press Release

The People's No Campaign 1pm 8th June 2005

Never Mind the Back Door...The Front Door's Wide Open!

Our government and the EU is already implementing the constitution, even though two countries have said "no" and we have not yet been given a referendum.

This is one of the reasons why The People's No Campaign continues to demand a referendum.

The question is, 'Are the Conservatives and the "Vote No" campaign now going to join with us in that call?'

While The People's No Campaign have been running with the demand for a referendum emblazoned on the side of an Ad Van round Westminster..."Don't You Dare...Mr. Blair!" ...others are happy to accept the Government line and are content with the 'postponement.'

Yet, both the Conservatives and "Vote No" have clearly stated that if any part of the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe is implemented, they will demand a referendum.

But, while they are happily watching the cat-flap in the back-door the front door has been left wide open

It is now apparent that EU officials started working on the constitution's proposals shortly after it was written.

They insisted that they should not wait until it was ratified.

In some cases the work has no legal basis and is dubbed preparatory; in others, a special legal basis has been developed so that policies could be specially implemented even before the constitution is approved.

The new developments include a European diplomatic service, a European president, a European foreign minister, a European space policy, a European defence agency, the implementation of the new European charter of fundamental rights by a European fundamental rights agency, and the scrapping of the national veto on immigration and asylum.

EU officials are already setting up the offices of Europe’s first permanent president, an appointed post established by the constitution to replace the rotating six-month presidency, which is held by Europe’s elected heads of government.

“There is an awful lot of work to set it up: the office and all the support teams,” an official said. “We can’t just leave it to the last moment."

Neil Herron, Campaign Director of The People's No Campaign states:

" We are not prepared to accept ANY further integration or implementation of any of the contents of the Constitution.

"That is why we have continued throughout to demand a referendum.

"If we are to be denied one on the constitution then we are demanding that we have a full blown grown up debate on our relationship with the European Union.

"We are not prepared to accept Blair and Straw's obfuscation.

"We are acutely aware of their spin tactics including the 'political chaff' thrown up by Alistair Darling with his Sunday announcement of the ridiculous road-charging scheme.

In light of the evidence of parts of the constitution being implemented we look forward to the Conservatives and "Vote No" joining us at the 'front door' in our continued demands for a referendum."



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