Saturday, June 04, 2005

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“Period of Reflection” = “Non-Aggression Pact”

In 1939, Hitler was preparing for war. He was hoping to acquire Poland without force (as he had annexed Austria the year before) , Hitler was planning against the possibility of a two front war. Since fighting a two front war in World War I had split Germany's forces, it had weakened and undermined their offensive; thus, played a large role in Germany losing the First World War. Hitler was determined not to repeat the same mistakes. So, he planned ahead and made a pact with the Soviets - the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact.

So what do we discover today, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder like Jose Manuel Barroso intends to call for a "pause for reflection" at an EU meeting on June 16-17, as he leads the scramble to resolve the deep political crisis over the European Union constitution.

Polls in Denmark suggest that the citizens, will reject the treaty. And with Blair appearing ready to put our promised referendum on ice and Luxembourg's prime minister forced to put his job on the line, Schroeder has emerged - almost by default - as a later day Joachim von Ribbentrop

The second front, in this instance, being, "reflecting the will of the citizen" (plebiscites) as apposed to the will of the political elite (parliamentary ratification)

Barroso, "we have ultra" NO Barbarossa

The people say "NO" we know where this road leads "TEREZIN" !!!!!!!!!




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