Monday, May 30, 2005

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We Demand Our Say

Press Release
The People's No Campaign
Monday 30th May 2005

"Don't You Dare Mr. Blair...We Demand Our Referendum!"

Following the predicted rejection of the European Constitution by the French, The People's No Campaign demands that Tony Blair does not shirk away from his party's manifesto pledge.
We demand that we get our referendum.

The Dutch will vote No on Wednesday in their referendum and Blair will be desperate to avoid the debate in this country. We demand that he goes to the European Council meeting on 16th June in Brussels and fight for the ratification process to continue so that the British people are able to express their opinion on the European Constitution. He must fulfil his party's promise to the electorate.

The question which must be asked of Blair and his Government is, "Why did you sign the Constitution document on behalf of the British people if you are now telling us that there are serious doubts?

He should be saying we are going ahead.

The inquest should only begin after the whole process has been completed.
There is no need for 'a period of reflection.'
The situation is quite clear and we want our say.

Blair himself has said that the EU is unworkable without a constitution so where are we going?

Campaign Director, Neil Herron states, "For once The People's No Campaign is in agreement with the European Commission and that is that we must not leave the situation like this. It is important that every country is allowed to give its opinion on the Constitution and it would be an outrage if the British people were denied this right. The Prime Minister signed along with Jack Straw on our behalf but without our consent. We demand that the Prime Minister defend our right to have our referendum at the forthcoming European Council meeting on 16th June, as he promised.However, what is becoming apparent to all is that this is really now about the elites and the people. To seek retrospective approval for something which has never come from the people but which has been proposed by an arrogant, out of touch political elite was always going to be the bridge too far for the European Project.We will accept nothing less than a full debate on Britain's current position with the European Union. "


Contact:Campaign Director
Neil Herron07776 202045
0845 147 2006



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