Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Badger Baiting

Even though the government has claimed that the catastrophic security breach was the product of an individual error by a junior civil servant, New evidence suggests senior Revenue & Customs officials were aware that data including addresses and bank account details of 7.5 million families was to be provided to the National Audit Office.

A Revenues & Customs official told the National Audit Office it would not filter the data of 25 million people to omit personal details because it was too costly

"I must stress we must make use of data we hold and not over-burden the business by asking them to run additional data scans/filters that my incur a cost to the department."

The documents appear to contradict Alistair Darling's assertion that the loss of the two CDs was down to a "junior official" who acted alone in breaching procedures, a version of events backed by Gordon Brown during prime minister's questions yesterday.

Copy of the e-mails can be seen here Guardian

So what is the National Audit Office agenda?

Is this parliament, after many years, reasserting it authority?

Is the e-mail leak actually covered by Article 9 Bill of Rights?



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