Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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'blind eye' knowledge.

This man is guilty of the tort misfeasance in public office.

The President of the European Union Commission, by way of articles 268 to 280 of the EC Treaty, is responsible for ensuring that moneys transferred to the EU from the UK by provision of the European Communities Act 1972 are accounted for correctly in law.

Article 274 EC states: The Commission shall implement the budget, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations made pursuant to Article 279, on its own responsibility and within the limits of the appropriations, having regard to the principles of sound financial management.

As the UK government claim, that the UK Common Law is protected from the Civil Laws of European Union, then the Foreign and commonwealth Office, should now issue a European Arrest Warrant on behalf of the UK tax payers, for Commission President Barroso to be summons to a UK court of law to answer questions with regard to the failure of the European Court of Auditors to 'sign off' the EU budget for the 13th year.

If you can't beat em, *uck them.


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