Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Lisbon Treaty 'ever closer corruption'

For the 13th year, EU auditors have once again refused to sign off the European Unions accounts.

The president of the European Court of Auditors, Hubert Weber, said "I believe that the EU citizens are entitled to expect EU funds to be properly managed and controlled across the Union,"

The European Union and the EU Commission draws up on its LEGAL BASIS on budgetary maters from Article 268 to 280 of the EC Treaty.

Article 274 The Commission shall implement the budget, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations made pursuant to Article 279, on its own responsibility and within the limits of the appropriations, having regard to the principles of sound financial management.

It doesn't mater how fast you chase the European Commission, you never catch up with the money.

This can be expressed as EU = mc13, where EU is the immovable object, mc = mass corruption and 13 is the number of years that the auditors have been unable to sign off the European Union accounts.

And Gordon Brown wants to sign up to 'ever closer corruption' by signing the Lisbon Treaty


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