Sunday, July 29, 2007

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maladministration in the commission

Peter Mandelson, has been the subject of an official rebuke after refusing to reveal details of meetings with industry lobbyists. The EU’s watchdog issued the formal censure last week after a two-year investigation into Mandelson’s refusal to name the lobbyists he had met. (Sunday Times)

Mandelson the EU Trade Commissioner, was twice forced to resign as a British government minister for failing to disclose crucial information.

The first was when he was involved in a secret financial arrangement with his government colleague Geoffrey Robinson concerning a loan of £373,000 to buy his London home.

The second was 'the passport for favours' controversy, when he helped one of the controversial Indian Hinduja brothers, who was facing corruption charges at the time, to obtain British citizenship after he and his brother agreed to donate £1 million to bail out the Millennium Dome.


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