Monday, July 23, 2007

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IZAL 277 Sheets

The European Union new "reform" treaty is now up on the Council site. Including the main text (145 pages), the protocols (69 pages) – which are legally binding – and the declarations (63 pages), the whole production comes to a whopping 277 pages.

Links to the translations are available via the EUreferendum blog

There are two common methods of installing toilet paper rolls on to a toilet roll holder. Often a matter for some debate, which can be a contentious issue in many households who have individuals who have opposing viewpoints.

1-Edge of the roll facing away

The first method of installation has the edge of the roll facing away from the wall. This method allows the defecator easy access to grab the toilet paper and pull off the desired amount of paper, as it spins off the roll toward the user.

2-Edge of roll facing wall

The second method of installation has the edge of the roll facing the wall. This method is a bit more difficult for the defecator to grab the toilet paper, as the roll spins, it spins away from the user. An advantage to this method is, it is difficult for toddlers, it is less likely to have the toilet paper spun off the roll.

It is the Constitution, all they have done is turned the roll around.


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