Monday, October 16, 2006

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the Police and Justice Bill

When the current Police and Justice Bill was laid before Parliament, the then Home Secretary Charles Clarke, made the following statutory declaration

"In my view the provisions of the Police and Justice Bill are compatible with the Convention rights".

The 'convention rights' he refers to, are those 'articles' of the EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS, which were enshrined into United Kingdom law by this Labour Government through the provisions of the Human Rights Act 1998

The Government declard at the time that the general purpose of the Human Rights Act was to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms and to maintain and promote the ideals and values of a democratic society. It sets out the basic rights of every person together with the limitations placed on these rights in order to protect the rights of others and of the wider community. ... The Act makes available in UK courts a remedy for breach of a Convention right, without the need to go to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

There's a proposal in clause 15 of the current Police and Justice Bill allowing the Home Secretary to give 'authority figures' other than police the power to hand out fixed penalty fines of £80 or £100. He or she will be able to do this whenever they deem it "necessary" and without primary legislation in parliament.

So lets look at Section 11(a) of the Human Rights Act 1998 it states: A person's reliance on a Convention right does not restrict- any other right or freedom conferred on him by or under any law having effect in any part of the United Kingdom

The BILL OF RIGHTS 1689 still has effect in English law and it quite clearly states:

That the pretended power of suspending the laws or the execution of laws by regal authority without consent of Parliament is illegal;

That the pretended power of dispensing with laws or the execution of laws by regal authority, as it hath been assumed and exercised of late, is illegal;

That the commission for erecting the late Court of Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes, and all other commissions and courts of like nature, are illegal and pernicious;

That levying money for or to the use of the Crown by pretence of prerogative, without grant of Parliament, for longer time, or in other manner than the same is or shall be granted, is illegal;

That excessive bail ought not to be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted;

That jurors ought to be duly impanelled and returned, and jurors which pass upon men in trials for high treason ought to be freeholders;

That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void;

So there you have it, He lied, it is not compatible and there is No Need for Strasbourg.


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