Monday, April 17, 2006

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The Easter break Honours List

Lord Levy The Prime Minister's chief fundraiser and president of the academy schools trust to which Des Smith was an adviser. Determined not to be the "fall guy" for the row, he has insisted he was against the secret loans from the start but relented after Tony Blair warned the Labour Party would face bankruptcy without them.

Matt Carter The former general secretary of the Labour Party is believed to have hatched the secret loans plan with Mr Blair and Lord Levy to stave off a cash crisis ahead of the last election.

Ruth Turner The head of government relations, who also operates out of Downing Street, Ms Turner could be questioned over which private firms the Prime Minister met and whether there were any links to honours or government contracts being handed out.

Baroness Morgan Sally Morgan, a former Cabinet Office minister, used to be director of political and government relations. She, too, would hold details of meetings with private firms.

Jonathan Powell Tony Blair's taxpayer-funded chief of staff, he mixed with wealthy VIPs courted by Lord Levy at lavish receptions in his London home.

Ian McCartney The Labour Party chairman is expected to be interviewed by police. He signed the papers nominating three of the lenders for peerages while he was in hospital recovering from a triple heart bypass operation. He has insisted "every penny" of the loans was spent on getting Labour MPs re-elected.

David Miliband Billed as PM-in-waiting, implicated by Des Smith, but claims he only met the headmaster in his capacity as a minister

Lord Adonis The junior education minister and former Downing Street adviser is expected to be questioned by police. He has previously insisted that "we have nothing to hide"

Dr Chai Patel The founder of the Priory, the detox clinic to the stars, Mr Patel revealed last month that he had made a £1.5 million loan to the Labour Party weeks before being nominated for a peerage.

David Garrard The property tycoon confirmed that he, too, had loaned money before being nominated.

Rod Aldridge Another lender to the Labour Party, Mr Aldridge resigned from his top job at Capita, a company which has more than £1 billion of government contracts. Scotland Yard has indicated it could widen its inquiry to investigate potential cash-for-contracts allegations.

Des Smith A former senior adviser to government's city academy programme. Arrested on Thursday and helping police with inquiries after telling an undercover reporter donors could obtain peerages and honours by giving money to the controversial schools scheme.


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