Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Voters of Britain join the Voters Revolt

Brief Summary

Britain is embroiled in an almighty battle between "us" and "them" - the voters of Britain versus the new ruling class which ignores our views. Our elected representatives are under the thumb of the political establishment. The forces of bureaucracy and political correctness are throttling the rights and liberties of the people.

Slowly we are being herded into a police state from which it will be hard to break free. We must act now. We must force the parties to reform the system and give power back to us.

The British people will not tolerate this attack on their liberty. We must leave the political establishment in no doubt that at the next general election many will vote for the party which is most committed to giving power back to the people.

They won't want to listen. They will fight to keep the power they have taken from us. We must therefore stand firm and use the power that STRENGTH IN NUMBERS gives us. We must send the politicians a very clear message that their lives are about to change!

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