Saturday, April 01, 2006

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Teeth of Emissions

Lampooning The Prince of Wales with the headline "The Prince of Emissions", An analysis by The Independent shows that the plane which carried the Prince and his 22-strong entourage on his recent 9,000 mile trip spewed out more than 40 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

The Independent, try and justify this lampooning with a further report that "Tony Blair went on a 21,000-mile tour of Asia and Australasia this week - in part to discuss climate change - but Downing Street tried to make up for the pollution by funding carbon reduction programmes as part of a campaign to lower emissions".

Perhaps Blair should be reflecting on the failure of the 'NHS Dental Service and the Independent may wish to apply their analysis tool to the real cost of Dental Tourism

A round trip to Budapest = 2,076 miles

Air Smiles anyone


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