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Is your DNA Private Property

By Anne Palmer

If Blair gets in again, I doubt there will be a need to vote in another election or for another Prime Minister for this country. Let us see what the man The Sun is backing, signed us up to on 29th October 2004. Something that is also very important to Mr Blair and his complete integration into the European Union. Identity Cards. It has already been established, (during the debates in our Parliament, that the introduction of ID cards) that "the Constitutional significance of the (ID) Bill, is that it adjusts the fundamental relationship between the individual and the State". The people are not told this of course!

But in what way? (This is a quote from the Earl of Northesk, debate in the Lords. 21st March 2005) “It transfers "ownership" of our identities from our own hands into those of the State”. It is also adds insult to injury for in the Bill, it is made clear that we should have to pay for that dubious privilege. Not only that, the ID Cards remain the property of the State. We also are expected to notify any small changes, name, house change etc and to pay for the alteration too. Given what I have just written there, it also has to be remembered that if we ratify the Treaty ESTABLISHING a CONSTITUTION for Europe, then we transfer permanently that power over our identities to the European Union.

Although it is termed a "National" ID Card, the instruction comes from the European Union. There are quite a number of Reports, Directives and Regulation on "Deeper and more meaningful Citizenship" in readiness to get us to love the European Union. But for now, our oath of allegiance is to our Queen and this Country. And we must realise that once more, and to use Mr Blair's own words, we will "Let battle be joined", for, whether we like it or not, we are duty bound by Oath to defend our Queen and Country, and, although perhaps HE cannot remember, we, the people have fought two world wars to keep this Country from being governed by others, and the people will, in the end, fight to keep it that way.

I first came across EU wide ID cards in the year 2001. See below.

See page 17 re ID cards COM(2000) 257 final 3.5.2000. (27 pages)


Conclusions of Brussels Presidency, 32 pages. Re ID card, page 18


The Hague Report. 33 pages. ID cards Page 17


Should we ratify the EU Constitution ID cards become an EU Competence. For here it is in that Constitution, “The Treaty ESTABLISHING a CONSTITUTION for Europe (Meaning the Union)

Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe. Art III-125 (2)

Article III-125
1. If action by the Union should prove necessary to facilitate the exercise of the right, referred to in Article I-10 (2)(a), of every citizen of the Union to move and reside freely and the Constitution has not provided the necessary powers, European laws or framework laws may establish measures for that purpose.

2. For the same purposes as those referred to in paragraph 1 and if the Constitution has not provided the necessary powers, a European law or framework law of the Council may establish measures concerning passports, identity cards, residence permits or any other such document and measures concerning social security or social protection. The Council shall act unanimously after consulting the European Parliament.

If you have taken the trouble to read this, you might begin to understand how many of us feel. I, along with thousands, if not millions will never carry an ID Card that has intimate details on a massive data base to be shared around by many organisations and countries, and that has the EU ring of stars on the face of it. We are British Nationals not European nationals and to have false information on the Data Base would, we are told, invite a hefty fine.

Just before signing off, perhaps I should mention as “overseas territories’ have been in the news this weekend, - UK nationals include individuals who are British citizens, British Dependent Territories citizens, British Nationals (Overseas), British overseas citizens, or who are British subjects under the British Nationality Act 1981, or who are British protected persons under that Act. .....

Mr. MacShane: (16 Mar 2005 : Column 341W) A number of provisions are made for the overseas countries and territories (OCT) of the UK and other EU member states in the EU Constitutional Treaty. Articles III-286 to III-291 in Title IV Part III of the Constitutional Treaty set out the provisions relative to the association of certain overseas countries and territories with the European Union. These articles closely follow Articles 182 to 188 of the Treaty establishing the European Community (TEC). Annex II to the Constitutional Treaty contains the list of overseas countries and territories to which Title IV Part III of the Constitution applies. It is in substance the same as Annex II to the TEC.

The following UK Overseas Territories are listed in Annex II to the Constitutional Treaty: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Antarctic Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falklands Islands, Montserrat, Pitcairn, Saint Helena and Dependencies, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands. Although listed as an OCT in the Annex, Bermuda has been excluded from successive Association instruments at its own request.

The geographical extent of the Union is set out in Article IV-440 of the Constitutional Treaty which corresponds to Article 299 of the TEC, with modifications to take account of successive accessions. Gibraltar is covered by paragraph 4 of Article IV-440, in substance the same as Article 299.4 TEC. Section 1, Title II of Protocol 8 to the Constitutional Treaty sets out the specific provisions relating to Gibraltar. These were originally incorporated in the UK's 1972 Act of Accession.



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