Friday, April 15, 2005

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No more Openness from Wallström

Shortly after the fragrant Margot launched her blog, she was asked by JACKIE HAYDEN of Hotpress "Your web diary shows you to be a very open, perhaps even unguarded, politician, answering questions about your own life as well as arguing about key issues. From our experience of politicians this is very unusual. Why have you chosen to take this route"?

MARGOT WALLSTROM: "We have to change the attitude of the European Union and our way of communicating, to do what we preach so as to be credible. But then this is also my personality. If I couldn't be true to myself I wouldn't be able to do it".

she further stated "The culture in Sweden and the Nordic countries is absolutely different. For centuries we have a principle of openness and making everything public. We are not hurt by that. We are used to it and I've tried to argue for this in Europe. What do we have to fear? When I suggested we should allow the letters we receive to be read by others there was this reaction against it, but why not, so long as the people who wrote to you know this? It is good to create this debate".

Well, it seems that The Swedish vice-president for the Commission, Margot Wallström can't deliver upon that "principle of openness and making everything public"

The Danish MEP Jens-Peter Bonde is having a good whinge at the fragrant one in his latest Newsletter He has been trying to get information about the 3000 secret working groups, that work for the Commission. He states that the list has now been made public. But we can still not get the list over the members in the working groups, and the working documents are only available on request. Accordingly, we must know what we want, and that is exactly the knowledge we can't get. Only the chairmen of the committees will have the access to collect information on the members in a certain committee. Ordinary members don't have this right.

The EU-Parliament will still be kept out of the main part of the legislative procedure.

So there you go, we bloggers are quite used to being ignored by Wallström , none of our points or questions are ever answered or responded to and it looks as if the EU parliament have joined the club.


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