Monday, April 04, 2005

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European Union Red Herrings

Do you remember this from Hansard 16 June 2004

The Prime Minister: I will protect the British national interest on tax, foreign policy, defence and all the other issues that we have set out. It is important that Britain remains at the centre of decision making, and I wish to ensure that it does so. I believe that that is in the interest of this country, and that the position of the right hon. and learned Gentleman, or of those who explicitly want to withdraw from Europe, is totally wrong and contrary to our national interest.

Well it looks as thought those things ("we have set out") i.e.Red Lines as set out in the Foreign Office White Paper are "Red Herrings"

In today's Times Online it is reported that, THE European Court of Justice is set to blow a billion-pound hole in the Governments finances this week with an early ruling on Britain's corporation tax

As usual Richard North pickes it up on this, in his blog eureferendum and concludes with:

Thus, in the week that the general election is to be kicked off, you can bet your sweet life that none of the main parties is going to be too keen to flag this one. And what is the betting that the BBC does not even report it?

Come to think of it, why is it being reported only in the business section of The Times? Hey folks, £5 billion is a hell of a lot of money – a massive amount of money, a truly gigantic slug of money, an amount of money that it is almost impossible to visualise and no single mortal could conceive of spending.

Well come on chaps send an email to pm@bbc.co.uk



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