Saturday, April 02, 2005

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Smoking Bolkestein

Today, the world is contemplating the imminent death of a Head of State, for let us not forget, that the Vatican City was established as an independent State by the Lateran Treaties in 1929. The concordat between the Holy See and the kingdom of Italy was signed in the Lateran Palace, Rome, by Cardinal Gasparri for Pius XI and by Benito Mussolini for Victor Emmanuel III.

Now being the cynic that I am, it crossed my mind that the economy of the Vatican City is based upon services. Essentially services with a small amount of industry; (note - dignitaries, bishops, priests, nuns, etc.) This unique, non-commercial economy is supported financially by an annual contribution from Roman Catholic dioceses throughout the world, as well as by special collections, known as Peter's Pence; the sale of postage stamps, coins, medals, and tourist mementoes; fees for admission to museums; and the sale of publications. Investments and real estate income also account for a sizeable portion of revenue and they are also involved in world-wide banking and financial activities.

Now, if my memory is correct, the Vatican City is not a member of the EU, so how is it, being a third state, able to provide these Services to EU member States. (I thought Bolkestein was dead)

It has also occurred to me, that when the time comes to select the next Vatican City head of state, they may breach their international treaty obligations. The Vatican City are signatories to 1979 International Convention on Long Range Transboundary Pollution: which was Introduced to control the transboundary effects of acid rain and to limit emission of acidifying pollutants.

Think about it, the world will soon be watching for the black or white smoke, which will billow from a chimney to the right of the basilica.



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