Thursday, January 20, 2005

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"rite of passage"

Well, what can one say, after the furore and outcry about Prince Harry wearing a Swastika arm band at a fancy dress party and the subsequent calling for the banning of Nazi SYMBOLS and REGALIA by politicians. We now have a 'right of passage proposal published by the Home Office.

Reported in the Telegraph 'Coming of age' day for 18-year-olds Under proposals published by the Home Office yesterday, they could be asked to take part in events to recognise the point at which they gain the right to vote and achieve greater independence from their parents.

Fiona Mactaggart, a Home Office minister, said: "This is about a rite of passage. It might increase voting among young people, for example, and increase their interest in contributing to society." She thought that October was appropriate for a citizenship day "because it is already Black History Month''

Ok lets look at some BLACK HISTORY (here)

A rite of passage Ceremony The District Leader in Dortmund, party comrade Hesseldieck, gives us the following valuable ideas:

The totality of education in the schools is not to be separated from the worldview education that became the party's responsibility after the seizure of power. We must claim and influence the totality of education. That requires our involvement at the critical transition points of the youth. As the youth leave school and assume their obligations to fight and work for the German people, the party must be involved, which means it becomes the duty of the respective political leader, the district leader or the local group leader.

For these reasons, I decided to hold school leaving ceremonies in the name of the party for all boys and girls finishing school. I delegated this responsibility for obvious reasons to the National Socialist Teacher's Federation. (The NS Teacher's Federation made all the preparations, and the ceremonies were conducted by the party's political leaders. The Editors.) The center of each ceremony, the pledge by the boys and girls, was entirely the responsibility of the political leader. All those completing middle, upper and advanced schools were gathered on one day. The ceremony took place in the large Dortmund film theater, the "Capitol." About 1800 youth participated. I myself led the pledge for the boys and girls. In other local groups, the ceremony was held in similar ways, led by the respective local group leader. In many cases, the youth received a picture of the Führer along with a quotation of National Socialist thought, or else the book Remember that you are a German.(could even be a copy of the EU constitution)

These ceremonies had a powerful effect on everyone, particularly on the youth. We also impressed the opponents of our worldview. That proves to me that this is the right way.


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