Sunday, January 16, 2005

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One Down 26 to go

Better he should go now, the less Europhiles in the party the better, its just a pity his wife hasnt followed suite.

Robert Jackson was born on September 24th 1946. He was educated at Falcon College, Rhodesia, St Edmunds Hall and All Souls College, Oxford, where he obtained an MA. He was President of the Oxford Union in 1967.

Married to Caroline Frances, MEP for Wiltshire North and Bath, and daughter of Geoffrey Harvey, they have one son - deceased.

Publications of his include, "South Asian Crisis, Pakistan, Bangladesh", "The European Parliament: a guide for Direct Elections", and "The Round Table: the Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs". He is past editor of "International Affairs".

Robert recreational activities include walking, gardening and singing.

Robert's Experience

In 1974 Robert contested Manchester Central, but it was not until 1979 that he became MEP for Upper Thames. Previously, he had been political advisor to the Secretary of State (1973-74), to the Rt Hon. Sir Christopher Soames (1974-76), and to Chef de Cabinet to Basil de Ferranti, MEP (1977-78). He has also been political advisor to the Governor of Rhodesia (1980).


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