Saturday, January 15, 2005

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Chequer-board of Nights and Days

It looks as though 'Our Turny' has served his usefulness. According to the Weekend Austrailian. Tony Blair is being left on the side lines .(put back in the closet) It reports : "In the aftermath of the Asian tsunamis, the US had acted quickly to assemble a core group of four countries to co-ordinate aid. Britain was not one of the four countries and, in a trans-Atlantic phone call, Blair left Bush in no doubt of his feelings at being left out".

Well, what did he expect, George Bush has already secured his next term of office and its not surprising that he is treating his traitorous poodle with the contempt he deserves. The leader in today's Telegraph Britain sells out for the sake of China's market may explain why Georgie wishes to align himself with another Pacific Rim power and set aside his 'Old Europe' pall.

I wont even attempt to explain the intricacies, as they have been summed up by Dr Richard North on his EU Referendum blog He has turned in the wrong direction

'Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days
Where Destiny with Men for Pieces plays:
Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays,
And one by one back in the Closet lays.


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