Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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Early Day Motion (EDM 506)

The EDM calls for Parliament to be consulted and decide on when and where British troops are deployed in conflict. (this could spike the Straight Banana Republic's 'Battle Group' ambitions)

The EDM reads "That this House believes that the decision to deploy British armed forces in conflict is of the most serious nature possible; notes that this is a decision to be taken by Ministers via the Royal Prerogative and that Parliament has no right to decide on the matter or even to be consulted; notes that the Public Administration Select Committee has recommended in its report of 4th March 2004 that this situation should be ended and that Parliament should have the right to decide this matter in advance, or in cases of emergency retrospectively, commends the Armed Forces (Parliamentary Approval for Participation in Armed Conflict) Bill introduced by the Honourable Member for Walthamstow, and supported by Honourable Members from other Parties, and urges the Government to provide time for this Bill to be debated, and to support the Bill."

What can YOU do? Ask your MP to go to the Table Office in the House of Commons to sign the EDM 506


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