Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Campaign to Reject the European Constitution

CREC says: ‘Constitution Question Unfair’

CREC, the campaigning organisation that helped force the government to concede a referendum on the European Constitution, today condemned the proposed referendum question on the European Constitution as unfair. The government has proposed this question: “Should the United Kingdom approve the Treaty establishing a Constitution for the European Union?” CREC says the question should be: “Do you wish the European Constitution to replace the British Constitution?” CREC has today written to the government and the Electoral Commission asking for the wording of the question to be changed.

‘BRITISH PEOPLE MUST BE AWARE OF CHOICE’Tony Bennett, CREC Secretary, said: “Our proposed question is more straightforward and honest. It emphasises to British people that they have a stark choice. To adopt the proposed European Constitution means giving up the British Constitution. The European Union will become a state and the United Kingdom will cease to be a nation. The right of our Parliament to determine its own laws, its own foreign, defence and domestic policies will be swept away for ever. The referendum question should enable British people to be aware of the choice that faces them”.

CREC is also very concerned that, three months after the European Constitution was signed (on 29 October), there are no copies available to the general public. Chairman Derek Norman said: “The only way to get a copy is by ‘phoning the Foreign Office and getting an unbound pile of hundreds of loose-leaf pages. There is no bound copy of the European Constitution available yet. No-one can walk into a public library in this country and read it.

CREC has therefore ordered hundreds of thousands of envelope labels to inform British people what is in the Constitution. Examples are shown below. Graham Wood, CREC’s Northern Organiser, who distributes the labels, said: “We’re informing the nation what’s in the Constitution. The government should do it but they’re not. Our labels inform people about the main features of the European Constitution. We’re getting lots of requests for them and we have 15 separate labels in mind. We’ve published the first two and, as funds permit, we aim to produce a series of 15”. CREC plans later this year to distribute a 4-page pamphlet warning of the dangers of the European Constitution.

CREC began in March 2003 as the Campaign for a Referendum on the European Constitution. It has been best known to date for organising a mass postcard-writing campaign. 180,000 British people signed our attractive purple ‘Postcards to the Queen’, which called on Her Majesty not to sign the European Constitution into law until there had first been a fair referendum on it. After Blair’s concession of a referendum, CREC turned itself into the Campaign to Reject the European Constitution.

Derek Norman, 9 Station Cottages, HUNTINGDON, Cambs PE29 3BW Tel: 01480 435837
Tony Bennett, 66 Chippingfield, HARLOW, Essex CM17 0DJ Tel: 01279 635789
Bryan Smalley, The Old Nurseries, MUCH HADHAM, Herts SG10 2AT Tel: 01279 842185
Peter Rogers, 22 Kingswood Gardens, LEEDS, Yorks LS8 2BT Tel: 0113 293 7437
Graham Wood, 32 Station Road, Poppleton, YORK, YO26 6PY Tel: 01904 795204


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