Saturday, September 13, 2008

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Beware of backbencher's bearing nomination papers

Ahead of the Labour Party conference next weekend, another senior Labour MP has become the latest to call for a leadership election to decide whether Gordon Brown should continue as prime minister.

Joan Ryan was sacked as Labour party vice-chair and as the prime minister's envoy to Cyprus after telling BBC Radio 4's Today programme that there ought to be a "multiplicity" of challengers to compete with Brown to lead the party.

Ryan told the Today programme: "I have written to the party and asked for nomination papers to be issued."

Within minutes of Ryan's comments, Janet Anderson, the Labour MP for Rossendale & Darwen, also asked for leadership nomination papers to be sent out.

Labour officials say fewer than 10 MPs have requested nomination papers to be sent out, although reports suggest the figure may be slightly higher.


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