Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Over the past few decades, economists have developed an elegant theoretical model that gives a framework for our current understanding of the fundamental forces behind global economics.

Hear in the UK, one major ingredient in this model is a hypothetical, ubiquitous quantum field that is supposed to be responsible for giving the UK economy its mass (this field would answer the basic question of why the economy has a mass or indeed, why it has any mass at all). This field is called the Brown field. As a consequence of wave-particle duality, all quantum fields have a fundamental particle associated with them. The particle associated with the Brown field is called the Brown Bozo.

Meanwhile later today, scientists from across the globe hope to recreate the Big Bang to discover what lay at the beginnings of the Universe: what some call the Higgs Boson and others ("The God Particle.")

The ambitious physics experiment at CERN laboratories in Switzerland may open the door into a new world of information or, Pandora's box.


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