Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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I Predict A Riot

The worst prison riot to hit our penal system began on 1 April 1990 and lasted for 25 days. As the Reverend Noel Proctor delivered his sermon in the chapel of Strangeways prison, one of his Congregation snatched the microphone from him and set into motion the events which caused more than £60m worth of damage.

The prisoner said, "This gentleman has spoken about the blessings of the heart. He has spoken about how Jesus can take away the hardness from your heart. I would like to touch on how prison brutalises you."

Minutes later Strangeways was in the hands of the prisoners, angry at their treatment by the authorities.

Today Gordon Brown is to withhold a promised prison wage increase of £1.50 a week.

The current minimum is £4.50 per week, not even the price of 20 cigarettes.


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