Sunday, April 20, 2008

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Where's the Bell's this Sunday

The government is looking for ways to promote lending after a surge in borrowing costs caused banks to pull back. Alistair Darling said today on the BBC Andrew Marr show

"The Bank of England will be making an announcement tomorrow in which what it will do is effectively lend banks money to unfreeze the situation we've got at the moment"

Alistair Darling also defied Labour's 10p tax rebels by ruling out immediate concessions for low earners. Darling insisted it was not possible to "unravel" the financial package announced last year, despite the widespread discontent of Labour MP's.

The chancelor denied the Government was in the middle of a "car crash", and said he believed it would win any vote on the issue - despite some 70 MPs publicly expressing concern over abolishing the 10p rate.

Pass the whiskey, not Scotch but Irish me thinks


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