Sunday, February 03, 2008

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self righteous arse holes

Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist squad bugged Tooting Labour MP Sadiq Khan twice while he visited a constituent in a Milton Keynes prison Sunday Times

When our Members of Parliament have been caught out taking dodgy donations, giving honours for cash and embezzling the tax payer by nepotistic payments. The British public, through its security services, has every right to BUG politicians conversations.

They may not be all tarred with the same brush, but it only takes one muslim suicide bomber in the Houses of Parliament and the last thing they will kiss, is their self righteous arse holes.

In New Labour Britain, the concept of Honourable Members is oh so 20th century.

The "Wilson Doctrine" (a convention) refers only to telephone tapping of politicians and not to listening tables in prisons.

Technically this is not a breach of the Wilson Doctrine.


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