Saturday, January 26, 2008

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The New Jews of Europe

Gordon Brown the sub-prime minister writes a piece in today’s Telegraph entitled we We must not forget the Holocaust . He writes

"As a boy, I was well aware of the struggle and sacrifices of the Jewish people. My father, a Church of Scotland minister, led parties of visitors to Israel twice a year for more than 20 years and wanted me to understand what the Holocaust meant. I discovered how, as so much of the world stood by and did nothing, incredibly brave men and women who were not Jews were moved to take incredible risks to help people they had never met escape from the Nazi slaughter".

and goes on

“And as we reflect again on these events, we must react to them too, to ensure that "Never Again" is not just a slogan, but a reality”.

Yes, Mr Brown "Never Again" perhaps you should now reflect on how the perpetrators of the holocaust came to power. Reflect, on the word Ermächtigungsgesetz

Read about Hans-Gert Pöttering and Jo Leinen and the Despotism in the European union parliament .

And you want to give these people more power.

The Lisbon Treaty is an enabling act Mr Brown and Euro-sceptics are the new Jews of Europe

Reflect Mr Brown, your farther will be turning in his grave.


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