Friday, January 25, 2008

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Arresting Fun

Gordon Brown's new year fightback has stalled, as the Metropolitan Police begin a second investigation into Labour Party funding. The Prime Minister now faces the prospect of two searching inquiries by Scotland Yard.

Peter Hain bowed to the inevitable yesterday by resigning, when the Electoral Commission referred to the Metropolitan Police his failure to register £103,000 of donations.

The police are already looking into £600,000 of secret donations to Labour by the property developer David Abrahams. That follows the 13-month police inquiry into "cash for honours" which cast a shadow over the Blair government.

The Labour Party problems over "dodgy donations" could get worse. The commission is looking into £5,000 donation made to Harriet Harman, the House of Commons leader, and £950 donation made to Wendy Alexander, Labour Party leader in Scotland.

In the mean time read about other "dodgy donations" HERE


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