Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Phase No 2

By calling it a "treaty," the current German EU presidency has begun reviving the stalled approval process for a new constitution for the European union.

By leaving the word "constitution" out of the discussion, Angela Merkel hopes to get her colleagues to agree on a document that lacks the grave connotations and still manage to give the EU an improved voting system based largely on population size, a president and a foreign minister -- even though they might not be called that. (DEUTSCHE WELLE)

Poo, doodoo's, stool, poop, cac, plops, shat, excrement; faeces.

scheisse, merde, mierda, hovno, lort, stront, sitt, paska, szar, merda, mesli; sudi šudas, gówno, cacat, rahat, , skit

It doesn't matter how you say it or in what language 'Shit Stinks'

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