Saturday, March 31, 2007

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The meaning of Article 224.

Article 224 (of the European Treaty) states: that Member States shall consult one another with a view to taking in common the necessary steps to avoid the operation of the Common Market being affected by measures which a Member State may be called upon to take in case of serious internal disturbances affecting public policy or the maintenance of law and order ( "ordre public"), in case of war or serious international tension constituting a threat of war, or in order to carry out undertakings into which it has entered for the purpose of maintaining peace and international security.

They have consulted and have expressed their view. We don't give a shit about EU Citezens.

European foreign ministers failed last night to back Britain in a threat to freeze the €14 billion trade in exports to Iran, as the hostage crisis descended into a propaganda circus.

EU foreign ministers meeting in Germany called for the sailors to be freed but ruled out any tightening of lucrative export credit rules. The EU is Iran’s biggest trading partner (Times)

If you wish to renounce your EU Citizenship then you can do so by writing to the government. There is a template Here and there is an alternative route via the UN 1503 procedure Here


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