Thursday, September 14, 2006

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Clare to Short Drop Parliament

Former Cabinet minister Clare Short has been threatened with disciplinary action for saying she wants a hung Parliament after the next election. (BBC)

"Nothing is properly scrutinised, the arrogance and concentration of power in No 10 also creates incompetence in decision-making, and our foreign policy is exacerbating the problems of the world. "The only answer is to get a Parliament that's more reflective of opinion in the country."

Well dear reader, this is not new. As Dr. David (now Lord) Owen MP. noted in the Mail on Sunday 3/6/90

"The notion that the House of Commons is made up of 650 MPs who individually reach carefully considered opinions and who act as a brake on the Executive is so far from the truth as to be ludicrous. The Whips are in absolute command. The Executive is in total control. What the government says goes."

So, Clare and David are right and THE SOLUTION IS VERY SIMPLE

It is called "voting for a Parliament" and any voter can do it. Vote ONLY for an Independent candidate (or become that candidate yourself)- whom you know to be genuine- who declares publicly - in writing - for individual liberty and choice. When enough Independent MPs replace Party MPs, appointment of Ministers will automatically return to the Monarch. The division of power will accompany this re-separation of government from parliament .

Clearly then, the only "wasted vote" would be that given to any party which perpetuates the "elective dictatorship". You could be helping to create a free parliament once again, which can stop bad government before it occurs, instead of having to wait FIVE YEARS to try to repair the damage !

Campaign to Restore the Constitution


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