Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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Charles Clarke insincere apology

Dear Anoneumouse

I would like to apologise for the questionnaire (Sham Survey) which was attached to the message that I sent out to party supporters on Friday. It was not intended to gauge public opinion but to start a political debate around the proposals currently being debated in Parliament. Many people have raised with me perfectly valid concerns about how the questions were drafted. I can only say that I share those concerns and give my assurance that questions of this type will not used in the future.

Best wishes
Charles Clarke
Home Secretary

My interpretation

I screwed up, I tried to pull a fast one, but the public saw through my Sham Survey. In an attempt to save face I am making a Campbell inspired apology in the hopes that if Cherie can get a way with an insincere apology then so can I. I am not a Super Man, Juggling my balls as well as Tony's, I was bound to make a mistake. I promise that next time I try to pull a stunt like this, I will use more subtle and subversive tactics and wont be caught out so easily.



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