Monday, November 07, 2005

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Auld Alliance

It would appear that the Auld Alliance is alive and well and still thriving, especially amongst the state dependent Scots . As Paris and other French towns burn, firefighters and police were subjected to a series of attacks by gangs of youths during a bonfire night of violence across Scotland. The Scotsman

As intellectuals (PROFESSOR RICKY BURDETT on BBC start the week) are now arguing that the current French violence is all down to "Social issues and physical structure" i.e. how French suburbs are designed, one has to wonder whether the close association that Scotland has had with France through the Auld Alliance, isn't the reason for the youth violence in Scotland today.

Although the Auld Alliance was principally a military and diplomatic agreement, the alliance also granted "dual citizenship" in both countries. Thus, its influence also extended into the lives of the Scottish population in a number of ways: including architecture, law, and its social structure.



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