Saturday, October 29, 2005

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malin genie

In Brussels, as at home, he evinces an eerie belief that speeches and soundbites define, rather than describe, the world. It is as though, like Descartes' malicious demon, he can control our reality by manipulating our senses. The trouble is that the gap between the official version of events and our daily experience is now reaching almost Eastern bloc dimensions. This cannot go on for much longer.
The Daily Telegraph

I can no longer simply accept that the teapot is full. Not only that, but I also cannot accept that the teapot exists at all, nor a kitchen that the teapot is in. Neither can I believe in the living room that I am in and can see all around me now. Indeed, I cannot accept any beliefs about the world I live in. All of these beliefs are based on perceptual observation; therefore all of them are doubtful.



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