Thursday, September 29, 2005

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Your avin a larrrrf aint yeh

According to researchers at the Climate Mission at the Caisse des Depots, a French state-owned bank, France's 20 million cows who of course "fart", account for an astonishing 6.5 per cent of national greenhouse-gas emissions.

They further state that Cow Shit or "dejection bovine," to use the poetic-sounding French phrase -- account for another 12 million tonnes. Compare that with the 12 million tonnes of gas emitted by French oil refineries, and it makes you wonder about the cheesy GREENIES who demonise the burning of fossil fuel as climate-killers.

Nor is bovine gas just any old gas. It comprises methane and nitrous oxide, which volume-for-volume are 21 and 310 times more effective at trapping solar heat respectively than boring CO2.

By itself, methane is to blame for a fifth of the man-made greenhouse effect of the past 200 years. The good news is that, when it comes to cow farting, we can all have a little chuckle

Nitrous Oxide is better known as laughing gas


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