Sunday, September 11, 2005

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Twenty Juan Today

Go WEST young man and buy 20 Kimi's

A young man from Finland wins the Belgium Grand Prix. (You know, that same Belgium, which is the home of the repressive Buzzing Hornets, which are the EU Commission and Parliament). This was a SMOKING performance, a LUCKY STRIKE, you may say. Kimi Raikkonen's performance, in the wet, was CONSULATE, as Cool as a Mountain Stream.

This was a crucial performance to thwart the chances of Fernando Alsonso, the young spanish challenger to Michael Schumacher chances of retaining the world championship.

Not since the last battles of Spanish succession, when MARLBORO (oops, must update my microsoft spell checker) Marlborough, ventured into the border region of the Ardennes to kick ass at Malplaquet, have we seen such tenacity.

"You are never alone when you make a stand"



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