Monday, September 05, 2005

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On Friday, Prime Minister Tony Blair said Britain was ready to help the United States "in any way that we can".

Britain is to send 500 000 military ration packs to the southern United States regions devastated by Hurricane Katrina, the ministry of defence said on Sunday.

The armed forces meal boxes - which include a 24-hour food supply - will be flown to the US early on Monday to help feed the homeless.

500,000 Ration Packs eh

500,000 packs = 1 days food for each inhabitant

or put another way, 5 days food for 100,000

Defence secretary John Reid said: "No one could help but be moved by the pictures of devastation to New Orleans and the surrounding areas and the plight of those affected.

Just wait until they taste the stuff.

And on a more cynical note, will transporting this stuff by air contribute to global warming, which scientists say causes hurricanes.

New Orleans population (1980) 557,515 (1990) 496,938 (2000) 484,674 (2003) 469,032 (2005) ?



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