Thursday, September 01, 2005

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coup-d'etat Inquiry 3

Dear Anoneumouse


Thank you for evidence to the Inquiry into War Making Powers. I apologise for the delay in replying to you.

As stated in the Call for Evidence, your evidence becomes the property of the Committee and may be printed with the report. You may of course publicise or publish your evidence yourself, but in doing so you should indicate that it has been prepared for this Committee. (well thank you very much)

Personal contact details supplied to the Committee will be removed from evidence before publication and from the copy deposited in the Record Office. However, personal contact details will be retained by the Committee Office and used for specific purposes relating to the Committee’s work, for instance to seek additional information or to send copies of the Committee’s Report

The names of witnesses and organisations invited to give oral evidence to the inquiry will be published in advance in the Weekly Agenda of the House of Lords Select Committees. Those who have been invited to give oral evidence will be notified separately. Oral evidence sessions are expected to begin late October. Live debates of these and other meetings and recordings of the latest public meeting will be available at: www.parliamentlive.tv. Uncorrected transcripts of oral evidence will be available on line as soon as possible after the meeting session, followed by the corrected transcript which will be printed with the report.

The Weekly agenda is available free from the Committee Office, House of Lords, SW1A OPW, telephone 020 7219 5791, and on our web site at www.parliament.uk.

Clerk to the Committee



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