Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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Rt. Hon. Bilderberger

Complaint against Mr Kenneth Clarke

CLARKE, Rt. Hon. Kenneth (Rushcliffe)

Remunerated directorships
Deputy Chairman (non-executive) of. Alliance Unichem PLC
Director (non-executive) of. Foreign and Colonial Investment Trust PLC
Deputy Chairman (non-executive) of. British American Tobacco PLC
Chairman (non-executive) of. Savoy Asset Management PLC
Director (non-executive) of Independent News and Media (UK).

Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Programmes on jazz for BBC Radio 4. (Registered 31 March 2004)

21 April 2004, fee for speaking at an event for Hammonds Solicitors in London, organised by European Speakers Bureau. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 26 April 2004)

14 May 2004, fee for speaking at an event for Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 26 May 2004)

2 June 2004, fee for speaking at an event in London for BanTec Limited. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 8 June 2004)

Member of FITCH International Advisory Committee - an international rating agency.

30 November 2004, fee for speaking at an A Level Conference, organised by Philip Allan Updates. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 13 December 2004)

9 March 2005, fee for speaking at an event for CapGemini in London. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 10 March 2005)

6. Overseas visits
22-27 April 2004, to Beijing, to participate in a DaimlerChrysler International Advisory Board meeting. Fee and travel and accommodation expenses for my wife and me paid by DaimlerChrysler. (Registered 5 May 2004)

27-31 May 2004, to Russia to take part in a seminar; travel and accommodation paid for by the Moscow School of Political Studies. (Registered 8 June 2004)

3-6 June 2004, to Stresa, Italy, to attend Bilderberg Conference . I paid for my own air fare; the hotel accommodation for three nights was paid for by the organisers. (Registered 8 June 2004)

3-8 September 2004, to Stockholm to speak at a seminar to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British/Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Travel expenses for my wife and me paid by the British/Swedish Chamber of Commerce. (Registered 13 October 2004)

30 October-4 November 2004, to Botswana with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Botswana. My flight from Johannesburg to Botswana and from Botswana to London Heathrow and all internal travel and accommodation in Botswana were paid for by the Government of Botswana. (Registered 16 November 2004)

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