Saturday, September 24, 2005

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As some of you may know, from reading my post is divorce a conviction, I am now a single man with an intact pension fund. The fool that I am, (red blooded, binge drinking, anglo saxon) I have recently joined "Faceparty" ,the online (for want of a better description) "dating site".

OK, desperate urges require desperate solutions. As I have stated, I am but a simple soul and all that I seek, 'is a warm bed and a hot meal'. However, this post is an explanation to those who may come across my Faceparty Profile and wonder as to why, I have suggested Margot Wallstrom would be my perfect partner.

1. I am a night porter
2. she works days (warm bed)
3. on my days off, she can invite me to her 4 hour lunches
4. when I have had my fill of food and drink, I can indulge in a little wife beating




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