Monday, August 01, 2005

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Ireland, The 'Ruby' isle

Ireland has been know as the Emerald isle, because of the lushness of its pasture due to its maritime climate and the constant deluge of rain.

But over the past year, there has been a new deluge. According to u.tv news More than 100,000 workers have arrived in Ireland from the ten new EU states since they joined the union last year.

The department of social and family affairs says it has handed out just under 105,000 PPS numbers to ex Communist workers from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and other accession countries.

Ireland is one of the only EU states that is not restricting the influx of immigrant workers.

According to figures from the
Central Statistics Office, Ireland will need 50,000 immigrant workers to come here each year to sustain economic growth.

As the birth rate of the indigenous population was only 61,684 in 2004. It occurs to me, they are more in need of pastoral care, if they wish the pasture to remain green.

Wey hey, what ever happened to the celtic tiger? Turned into The Sheoques perhaps!



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