Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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Revolting EU Foreign Policy

Following a popular revolt at the end of May beginning of June when French and Dutch citizens rejected the concept of an EU Diplomatic Service. The EU has now appointed a special Envoy to Central Asia. His appointment comes at a sensitive time following a popular revolt last March in Kyrgyzstan and violence in Uzbekistan in May when police and soldiers reportedly killed hundreds of demonstrators.

Slovak diplomat (Special Envoy) Jan Kubis said: "When I speak of my broad and complex (illegal) mandate, which I think is aimed positively at developing interaction and discussion about how the European Union could work better and more effectively with countries of the [Central Asian] region, it applies to all the [Central Asian] countries,"

Radio Free Europe

So what will he be telling these central asian governments?

Bye your bullets from us and just ignore popular revolt



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